Deirdre is an elderly lady who lives alone and receives regular care visits from her local authority to prepare her food and drink. She has no local family to respond as her only daughter lives in Spain.

The Issue

Deirdre often refused to give access to her carers, insisting that she is OK and is capable of preparing her own meals and drinks. The local authority was very concerned that Deirdre was at risk of dehydration or malnutrition and not capable of looking after herself.

The Solution

The local authority installed Kemuri’s intelligent power socket in Deidre’s kitchen and plugged in her kettle and microwave. They then viewed the data showing use of those appliances via the web app. The next time the carers were denied access they looked for evidence that she was eating and drinking. Unfortunately, as suspected, Deirdre was not looking after herself.


Deirdre was admitted to hospital sooner rather than later to enable to her to receive the best treatment before she deteriorated in other ways.

What They Said

We simply plugged the socket into her kitchen wall and by the time we arrived back at the office we were able to logon and view Deirdre’s movements. Our fears were confirmed that Deirdre was safer in hospital and an emergency was avoided.