A local authority identified Christopher as someone who would potentially benefit from Kemuri’s automatic alerting. He is an older gentleman who lives alone in his own home.

The Issue

Christopher’s wife had recently passed away and his family were concerned that he would not be able to contact anyone if he were to get into any difficulty. Christopher had been offered some home care to help with meals and drinks but was adamant he could do this himself.

The Solution

After some discussion with his daughter, Christopher agreed that a Kemuri K-Socket could be put in his kitchen, to give both himself and his daughter peace of mind. It was installed, and his kettle and microwave were plugged in.


Christopher's daughter was due to visit him one evening, but that morning she received a red alert via SMS text message, as the socket had picked up that neither the kettle nor the microwave had been used that morning. She called her dad on the telephone but received no reply. This caused her to bring her visit forward. When arriving at his home, she found him on the floor. He had fallen getting out of bed. With some assistance, she was safety able to help him up and asked the doctor to attend.

What They Said

I was planning to visit dad that evening to help with an evening meal, so it would have been several hours later that I found him had I not been alerted. It is so reassuring to know that I will be notified if dad isn’t ok.