Angela is an 85-year-old lady who lives alone in a supported living complex. She is fiercely independent and regularly attends social events.

The Issue

Angela’s mobility has recently started to deteriorate. She has no carers and makes all her meals herself. She has a pendant alarm but doesn’t always remember to wear it. She has two sons, who live abroad, and a daughter who is local to her. They became more worried that she may not be looking after herself but did not want to affect their mother's independence. Angela is adamant that she is fine but is concerned that her family worry about her.

The Solution

They installed Kemuri’s intelligent power socket in her kitchen and plugged in her toaster and kettle. They now regularly view the web app. It has learnt Angela’s patterns of activity and automatically texts after identifying big changes from her normal daily routine.


Recently the family viewed the web app and noticed that Angela was moving around the kitchen and boiling a kettle in the middle of the night, which was unlike her. After speaking with her, it turned out she had been feeling unwell but didn’t want to bother anyone. Her family were then able to contact the doctor on her behalf.

What They Said

It makes me sleep better at night knowing that my sons and daughter are not worried about me. To be honest, I don’t even notice the socket


I live in the States so time differences sometimes make it difficult to call mum. With the web app I can log on at any time of day or night and see if mum is up and about, making a cup of tea. It also takes the pressure off my sister who lives nearby, which is great